Sunday, February 10, 2008 Russian martial arts experts in Dumaguete to learn Arnis Russian martial arts experts flew halfway around the globe to Dumaguete in order to learn Arnis.

Arnis is a form of martial art that uses a pair of cylindrical wooden sticks. In Dumaguete City there is a formal training for a martial art called «Eskrima» Erwin Almagro wrote to tell us the story of the Russia-Dumaguete tie up for Arnis: Eskrima, also commonly known as Arnis for Dumagueteños, is gaining interest from martial artists across different cultures around the world. The term Eskrima is the Filipino spelling which comes from the Spanish word esgrima, «fencing». Arnis is thought to derive from the phrase arnés de mano, Spanish for «harness of the hand». Both refer to the same Filipino Martial Art (FMA) and are interchangeable. Last January 28-February 7, 2008, a group of experienced martial artists from Russia trained in Dumaguete in the art of Eskrima De Campo JDC-IO ( Eskrima De Campo JDC-IO Philippines, Inc. is founded and headed by Ireneo “Eric” Olavides.

The group’s headquarters which is in Dumaguete City is supervised by Ruel Tubang. In the photo submitted by Erwin Almagro, Dumaguete’s Arnis specialist Maestro Ruel Tubang (LEFT wearing white shirt) shows head of the Russian group Alexander Furunzhiev (RIGHT wearing black shirt) how the strike should be executed.

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Russian martial arts experts to learn Arnis

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